TV Watch: Cate Blanchett on The Late Show with David Letterman
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On Monday November 17th, 2003 Cate Blanchett was a guest on The Late Show with David Letterman. She was there to promote her latest film ‘The Missing’.

Cate Blanchett just flew in from Rome on a whirlwind promo tour for ‘The Missing’, she was slated to fly back to Itlay in a matter of hours after this interview. She was very cordial and open with Dave about her pregnancy, she stated that she was currently 4 months into it. She told Dave how she found out about being pregnant for a second time. Ironically enough she was getting fitted for a fake pregnancy body suit for ‘The Missing’ when she suddenly fainted. After getting looked at by a doctor she went for blood tests and heard the good news.

She also mentioned working on her new film in Rome with Wes Anderson (A Life Aquatic). She said that her 2 year old son is learning Italian rather quckly, she did a little imiatation of him saying ‘ciao bella’ for her.

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