Everyone’s favorite Farmer Maggot Cameron Rhodes wrote in to tell us about a fantastic new play he’s currently appearing in called “Ladies Night”. The play has been co-written by Stephen Sinclair, who also helped on the scripts for The Lord of the Rings!

“It is a New Zealand Classic comedy by Stephen Sinclair (credited on TTT as a co writer) about a group of unemployed guys who form a male strip group! It is very funny! It predates the FULL MONTY, and as a play Ladies Night has been tranlated into many languages…

I am one of the guys, and I do some funny dance routines, and a spectacular finale act..it is set in 1987 NZ.

It is on in AUCKLAND at the SKY CITY THEATRE now until DEC 13, can book www.ticketek.com, or at the theatre..(09 307 5000) It is selling fast!!!

Any FARMER MAGGOT fans in NZ for the ROTK Premiere or LOTR tours should check it out it is a very funny NZ play by a LOTR writer.. I have a big part, and it is a really spectacular show with high tech effects, kiwi humour and me doing alot of things… Stephen Sinclair is a friend of PJ’s and the writing team!

The audiences HAVE been dancing and screaming!!!!!!



PS i dont have a dog or mushrooms in this one..

Oh, both women and men will love the show..and with out giving too much away..I am have a big surprize for the audience in the final scenes, if they come!!”

Go check it out and tell me what it is! (If I want to know…)