Can You Spot Billy?

Sam writes: I was lucky enough to attend the Royal Film Performance of Master and Commander on Monday in London with 2 Lord of the Rings fans. We went through the security check and walked passed the crowds to the entrance of the Odeon Leicester Square. Billy Boyd was a little distance behind us and even though it was a very wet evening he stopped for some time to talk to fans in the crowd..We soaked up the atmosphere outside the cinema before going inside to take our seats in the stalls. The arrival of the stars from the film was shown on the screen in the auditorium and we sat down in time to see Billy Boyd arrive, looking very smart in his black kilt and tie.

He was interviewed standing with Paul Bettany and looked towards the camera a couple of times with that much loved Pippin smile on his face. Finally, HRH Prince of Wales arrived and Russell Crowe introduced the cast including Billy Boyd and the director, Peter Weir to Prince Charles.

Following the National Anthem the director, Peter Weir and the cast were introduced to the audience. Billy Boyd was introduced with other members of the cast and made his way up onto the stage. The audience gave him a big round of applause. The actors left the stage and many of them including Billy Boyd sat in the stalls. The house lights went down and we watched the film.

Afterwards we stayed in our seats as it took some time for the cinema to even begin to empty. Finally we stood up to leave and as we walked to the exit we met Billy Boyd and congratulated him on his role in the film before heading out into the now dry night of London town.