A lot of people have mailed in their thoughts about Ring*Con 2003. I’ll try and post all of them so here’s the second batch.

Next up is Thomas who chimes in with some more information about the closing ceremony I mentioned in my day three report!

Hi !

I just read your article about the closing ceremony. I can give some details for the card game.

I was a volunteer for Decipher (USA)/Universal Cards (Germany) at the Con. Giving demos for the LotR TCG from Decipher and this kind of stuff.

The “game” was organized by the German distributor of the game, Universal Cards.

The Players on the stage were Volker Saltmann and Vasco Spieckermann, both voluteers in Germany for the Game. The short “show” was created by Volker and Michael Krause from Universal Cards, as far as I know.
The real players were all regular guest at RingCon who became part of the show just for fun. 🙂
Except for “Boromir” who was played by Michael.

The Marc B. Lee – card was self-created. We took the photo at RingCon and designed and printed the card during the night.

It was a nice idea to introduce the game to the audience and have a lot of fun. And we really had a lot of fun.

Also, there was a trailer from Universal Cards for the LotR TCG during the Con. The two players in the trailer are Volker and Michael.
So Volker is maybe the only LotR- card gamer with “movie” and “stage”- appearence. 🙂

Btw, sorry for some minor mistakes with my english. I’m not very good in any of my 3 foreign languanges I can speak.

It all made sense to me so no worries!