Some of the people that attended Ring*Con 2003 last weekend wrote in with their thoughts and highlights about the event. Check out the first batch of reactions here and be sure to keep sending me your thoughts, pictures and other Ring*Con related stuff!

Ringer Spy Frank writes:

I attended RingCon 2003 and I enjoyed it very much. For me a convention is not about panels or huntig autographs but about showing off my costumes and having fun with the other fans. This year I was dressed as Boromir and the reactions were a bit scary. The following are absolutely true: I was asked to “die” four times. Someone wanted me to sign his copy of LotR – as Boromir! So I did. A little girl asked me in a timid voice: “May I touch you?” And finally about a dozen elves or so kissed me. Oh yes, I was interviewd by some people making a documentary for an obscure (editors note: !?! ) website. I’m not sure which one…

This is just a brief glimpse of the fun you can have on a convention. A lot of people complained about the money they had to pay for merchandise or official fotos but I did not spent one single cent and had the time of my life!

Gondowyn had fun as well, although she did not dress up…

I really had an excellent weekend at the Ringcon! I had heard stories before about how well organized their parent-convention Fedcon was and how big an event it would be, but when I arrived on Friday I wasn’t quite prepared for what I got into. At first I felt a bit overwhelmed by the size and diversity. Fortunately the visitors were given lots of information from the start and I soon got adjusted into full Ringcon mode. The fun could begin!

What made it enjoyable for me was that there were lots of other events besides the ‘usual’ panels and signings with actors (which were great too). The Orc make-up session was one of the highlights, as well as being able to chat with Michael & Alan Perry at the games workshop booth and take a look at some of the new ROTK models that will be released in the future. I also had a lot of fun trying out the game itself; alas my noble Minas Tirith warriors were defeated by the Orcs – this time.

The dealers room held some pleasant surprises, although unfortunatley most stuff was in German (well, not so strange when you’re in Germany). There were quite a lot of new items for sale and I managed to buy a copy of the “weapons and warfare of middle-earth” book, which I hadn’t yet seen anywhere before. With all the people in beautifull costumes, I almost felt a little underdressed for the occasion in my jeans. Maybe I’ll try to find something more suitable to wear next year.

It was all just fun fun fun: the activities, the actors, the other visitors, the parties… And my compliments to the staff, who managed to run a tight schedule with only a few minor flaws and still maintain a leisurely atmosphere throughout the event. With the risk of overcrowding: all who have a chance should visit Ringcon 2004!

Ringer Spy Walter also noticed the new Games Workshop miniatures, here’s his thoughts!

First of all ringcon was a fantastic event! I am also a big gamesworkshop fan and to my surprise I saw the newest models standing behind glass, including the new war-trolls and the army of the dead! Here are some of the models! The news was also that the Mumakil will be 9 inches high and there will be an army of haradrim coming! But it will be (next?) november… There will be also a set with the witchking, eowyn and merry!

[Check out Walter’s pictures of the Games Workshop-miniatures on display!]