PJ's TTT Cameo?
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Idlemindgames writes:

I was lucky enough to find a copy of the EE:TTT early and wanted to report some information I found. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll send in a review of the EE … generally … as a Merry and Pippin fan, I’m a very happy camper.

As for the information. When I had finished watching the movie I started on the director’s commentary. When it came to the scene where Peter has his “first” cameo (when Saruman is giving a “pep talk” to the Easterlings), the man him self said something very interesting. He explained that many people thought he cameoed in the scene, (including my self), but he then explained that he would have loved to “exit with Christopher Lee” but becuase of the busy schedule that day it wouldn’t have been allowed. He had two scenes to do in a very short amount of time that day.

So infact, the scene where the Easterlings storm out … Peter is not amoung them. I mean, I saw the guy that looked like him, and he definatly fooled me. But I thought I would report this.