Besides the noble goal of having fun, our Premiere Party also aims to raise money for the Organ Donor Awareness Campaign, a charity supported by Peter Jackson. With that aim in mind, we’ve gathered a selection of great things to auction for that charity. Many thanks to our generous donors, who are all listed here.

Some of the exciting items for the auction/raffles are:

A wide variety of wonderful LOTR books, boxed book sets and audio sets and some posters plus a couple of poster book collections that have been signed by Peter Jackson, Richard Taylor, and some of the crew members.

A luxurious Stansborough Gotland Fabric Throw. Stansborough Fibres are the weavers of the special fabric used to create the Magic Elven Cloaks for the Lord of the Rings Movie Trilogy. They use only the wool from rare Gotland sheep.

We have a small but wonderful stamp/envelope collection of the LOTR cast members.

We have two Weta Workshop collectable items – One is Gandalf the Grey and the other is Orthanc, the tower of Saruman.

There are 2 black t-shirts and 1 cap with the weta design from Weta (these have not been signed)

Since a lot of the partygoers will be visitors to NZ, we have things that will be a wonderful memento of their trip:

A fabulous lightweight black merino cardi-jacket for those cold nights. This is premium wool grown in the same challenging alpine environment you’ve seen in the movies, and it produces an incredibly soft yet tough fibre.

We have a luminious pounamu pendant – like paua, pounamu (New Zealand jade) is a taonga (treasure) to Maori people (the native people of New Zealand) and is highly regarded. You will have noticed LOTR cast members – notably Sir Ian McKellen – wearing pounamu pendants from New Zealand.

We have several items made from New Zealand paua shell. Paua is a native New Zealand abalone and the brilliantly-coloured polished shell from the paua is used is various items such as necklaces, rings and earrings.

We have some photo albums made of unique NZ native woods, and a photo frame inlayed with an assortment of paua designs.

We also have some traditional bone necklaces in koru and whaletail designs bone – the koru (spiral design) represents in Maori culture life, growth, and movement.

New Zealanders especially will want to bid for the two superb accommodation packages staying in two fabulous 4 star hotels in central Wellington.

So there you are, lots of fun in that selection of goodies. The bar at the Skyline will provide facilities for people to withdraw money on their eftpos or credit card, if you’re wondering how you can pay for your winning bids.

Lastly, we are planning a special Return of the Ringers T-shirt….IF we can get it printed in time!