Viggo Mortensen at 'Beyond Baroque'
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Diane writes: My husband and I were also at the Beyond Baroque Poetry reading last night and wanted to share a few of the moments we remember most. It was the first poetry reading I had ever been too, and it was incredible! The best of the best were there, including Viggo, of course. The room was very intimate and dark, with one light above the microphone at the front of the stage. I believe there were 100 seats in the room and each one was filled including a few people sitting on the floor by the front of the stage. Each performance was unique and inspiring and when Viggo walked in he was calm and cool in his green T-shirt and jacket with a button that read “Repeal the Patriot Act.” As he was reading a poem he wrote in New Zealand, he was explaining that he wrote them while he was there filming “these three films,” sort of nonchalant like, and the audience laughed.

After the show there was a signing where I purchased the “Spoken Word Revolution” book, which includes poetry and a CD by all the performers. My husband was able to snap a few shots of Viggo while he was signing my book so I’m sending them along too.

All in all it was a great experience and I feel privileged to have been there.