SlayerVixen writes: I was watching the uk morning show This Morning aware he was going to be on it and he has infact verified that his character will not be featured in ROTK, he seemed sad when he mentioned it but due to a confidentiality agreement he was not able to comment further. What he did say though was that he didn’t know why they had done it and stated if they wanted to know the reason for it they would probably have to speak to New Line or Peter Jackson.

The main vibe I got from it was that he couldn’t really comment but he seemed really disappointed, I really felt for him. He has also just stated he won’t be going to the premiere, so it would appear he was cut without being asked, he seems greatly dissapointed. He said there is no point for me or Brad Dourif to go to the premiere we’re not in the movie! Its a sad state of affairs he seems as shocked as many of us are.