We are very happy to announce the first major event organized by our young society.

On the weekend of 29-30 November, a Marathon reading of “Return of the King” will take place in the hospitable premices of “SoulTwinkles”, a small gaming and books haven, where also the Quenya is being tought. Each day, from 11.00 to 18.00, 10 voluntiers will interchange in reading from the Greek translation of the book. Certain important passages will also be heard in English, so that Tolkien’s wonderous cadences may be experienced. There will also be visual and audio support, such as a slide show of related fan art and Tolkien inspired music. To sustain both readers and listeners through the long hours, coffe/tea, refreshments and snacks will be offered. Everything free of charge!

If any of you happen to be in Athens during this time, you are most welcome to attend.

Best regards
Kate Karageorgi aka circi
President Greek Tolkien Society-The Prancing Pony
e-mail: greektolkiensociety@lordoftherings.gr