ezzo writes: g’day ‘Xoanon’!

I was looking at your site the other day (and a very good site it is!) and noticed a posting on competitions is Australia to win tickets to the premiere in Wellington of ROTK. This is another comp. lotr fans may be interested in.

The Herald Sun in Melbourne, Australia, is going to release three ROTK posters with a riddle on them. Solve the riddle, enter, and you can ‘win a trip for two to the film’s premiere in New Zealand, or one of 200 double passes to a preview screening in Melbourne.’

The posters have been in the Sunday Herald Sun, starting on November 2. The first two posters are the one with Aragorn and Narsil, the one featuring Frodo looking somewhat the worse for wear with the ring around his neck.

The riddle so far is:
Alive without breath; as cold as death;
never thirsting, ever drinking;
clad in mail, never clinking

Drowns on dry land;
thinks an island is a mountain;
thinks a fountain is a puff of air

Evidently, the first part closely follows a riddle in the hobbit, while the second part seems to be a fairly crude add-on.

Anyway, the last poster comes out this Sunday with competition details.

Hope this is useful to Oz fans of LOTR