Nerwen writes:

I visited one DVD store today in Tampere, Finland to ask for their price on the TTT EE DVD. The clerk told me that (to his great personal disappointment) he had just received a note saying that the EE DVD’s release date will be postponed a week and that this is the situation in all Scandinavia. I guess that makes the new date 25th of Oct. He didn’t give any reason for this.

Tove adds more info:

The delay is for the Sone 2-version. A lot of people order the Sone 1 from the US. I will send you the e-mail I got yesterday and any further info from the distributor here in Norway, SF Norge, when I get to work In two hours. All this in norwegian thou….

I work at ARK Bruns Bokhandel (bookstore) in Trondheim, Norway. And I got the bad news because I called SF Norge for info on when my shipment of dvd’s and posters etc was expected to arrive at the store. They had just minutes before been informed about the delay. This was about 11.00 in the morning local time.