Sala Baker at the Chiller Theatre in New Jersey - Hello? Where is my agent?!
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larewen writes: Last Saturday I went to Chiller Theatre in New Jersey. Here is a lowdown on my meeting with Sala Baker.

I was actually on holiday in New York at the time, and having met Sala at Collectormania 4 this year, I felt it was my duty to pay him a visit while on foreign soil!

Sala, wonderful man that he is, actually recognised me, making my day! He was extremely generous with his time, and very happy to pose for yet another round of pictures.

Whilst at London Expo I asked Billy, Craig and Jorn to sign a stress cube that the Expo people were giving away free, on each side of which there were different words. Billy signed Confused, Jorn – surprised and Craig – stimulated. I had picked up a handful of spare ones with the hope of asking any future LotR actors to sign.

Sala oblijed willingly and deliberated for a rather long time, over anxious or excited…finally settling on anxious!

I had a wonderful day and would like to thank Sala for being so pleasant and cheerful every time I have met him!