Ringer Simon writes: Not sure if anyone else has already told you guys about these, but there are a couple of competitions to win tickets to the World Premiere of RotK in New Zealand open to Australians. Firstly, the Greater Union website is offering a double pass to the premiere plus flights and accommodation, but you need to become a member of the website. This is free, but you also need to buy a Greater Union movie ticket between November 6 and November 20 before you can enter.

The other, and more interesting one is being run by KFC and has TV ads to go with it. The ad that I’ve seen includes some footage from RotK which I don’t think has been seen before – at least, it’s definitely not in the sneak-peak included on the theatrical DVD of The Two Towers, and it’s not in the Official RotK Trailer either.

There are close-up shots of Gandalf, Pippin and Gollum, and better, there’s a snippet of dialogue between Frodo and Sam – though I keep missing the first part of the ad and thus I can’t quite recall exactly what the dialogue said. Something vague about running out of time or finishing a journey or something – though as I said, I’m not too sure.

All I know is that I’ve never heard that dialogue before, so it makes for a pretty exciting ad.

The rest of the ad is about the competition, which I didn’t catch all the details on – something about being among “the first in the world” to see the final film in the trilogy on December 1. The ad then has a guy watching RotK in a theatre, while eating KFC’s popcorn chicken, doing a really bad Gollum impersonation that equates the last piece of popcorn chicken left to the One Ring (sacrilegious, I know!!). Then he throws it up into the air and the ad ends with him saying ‘My Precious’ about the popcorn chicken – at which point they put up a web address for the competition website on the screen.

I went to the site and it’s a really cheap promotional site for the comp which has some nice visuals but – wait for it – actually spells Aragorn as Aragon in the interactive poll! I was shocked and appalled!

The site has some downloads I haven’t tried out (some RotK desktop backgrounds and screensavers, and the RotK PC game demo) and gives more details on the competition. Suffice it to say, the best part about either promotion was the new RotK footage they used in the KFC TV ad!