Ringer FrodoGoforth writes in with this quick review of EA’s Return of the King game:

Just finished playing thought the main story line of ROTK. I just thought I would share some information for those of you who might be interested. The game is really good overall, improving on the TTT game. The graphics are amazing. The environment is just awesome, with more interaction from the player, and much more that is moving around. For example, in Gandalf’s first mission you are helping to clear out Isengard, and Ents (who are just gigantic) are running around killing Orcs at the same time you are.

The missions are played the first time through by specific characters, and then you can go back and play them as anyone.

Gandolf’s levels are: Helm’s Deep, the clearing of Isengard, the walls of Minas Tirith, the courtyard of Minis Tirith (this was where the demo was).

Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli all play through a single line of levels which include: the Path of the Dead, the King of the Dead (you fight the king to bring him into submission), the Southern gate of Mordor, Pelenor fields, and the Black Gate.

Sam has a line of levels that he plays, with Frodo and Gollum tagging along. These levels include: escape from Osgiliath, Sheleb’s Lair, and Cirith Ungul.

The final level, which I was somewhat disappointed but I hope is nothing like the movie version of the end, is played as Frodo.


Gollum bites of Frodo’s finger and then you have to push him off the edge several times before he dies.


The unlock about characters are Faramir, Pippen, and Merry. Both of the hobbits are in their military clothing.

There is a level after the final level (I know that sounds weird) which is much like that of the first game. It is called Saurman’s Palantir, where you have 20 levels with increasingly harder enemies. I have not actually beat this yet so I am unsure if it does anything for you. I have already been given all the cheat codes etc.

Overall, I really enjoyed this game, but I thought is was fairly easy. My one real complaint, and this comes up most often in multiplayer mode, is that sometimes the views make it hard to see where you are. Other than that, EA has made a great game.