Beverly Hills, CA – November 8, 2003 – Fans of the Showtime sci-fi series Jeremiah want what’s been promised to them by the cable network. They’re making themselves heard, with thousands of letters, faxes and emails.

Upon hearing about and being amazed by the international efforts by fans, Jeremiah star Sean Astin (Lord of the Rings) contacted Jeremiah Executive Producer Scott Mitchell Rosenberg via satellite telephone to give his views on the situation and get his message out to the show’s millions of fans. Astin, who had just finished a 3-mile hike up Table Mountain in South Africa, said: “The power of the fans can have real impact. I certainly hope this isn’t the end of Jeremiah and want to keep it going.”

Last week, Showtime announced in its weekly newsletter that November is the finale of Jeremiah’s second season. The season’s final two episodes, being aired several times, will be on Showtime Too the next two Saturdays at 9p.m. (11/15 and 11/22.)

Confused by what seemed like a shortened season and no mention of anything to come, fans quickly realized that eight more episodes- enough for another season-had already been produced, and had even been described extensively online. Additionally, ratings have risen every week since the season began (according to

Showtime has not yet given word about when these remaining episodes-labeled by fans as “The Missing 8”-will be aired, leaving fans wanting an explanation, as well as assurance from Showtime that their favorite TV show will

According to Astin, “I certainly hope this isn’t the end of Jeremiah and want it to keep going. I’m happy to learn that Luke Perry and Malcolm-Jamal Warner want it to keep going too.”

Jeremiah fans immediately joined forces via the Internet, distributing contact information for executives at Showtime, MGM (the show’s world-wide distributor) and Platinum Studios, the comic book entertainment and production company which adapted Jeremiah from the award-winning graphic novel series. The companies have received phone calls, faxes and emails from fans, urging key executives responsible for the show to air the “Missing 8” episodes and make the show an ongoing series with additional seasons.

Webmasters of Jeremiah websites and message boards are collaborating with others who maintain fan-sites for the show’s stars, Sean Astin and Luke Perry. Says Monica Hübinette, webmaster of the leading website dedicated to Jeremiah, “We each are focusing on reaching a segment of the viewers who care about the show- Sci-Fi fans, Sean Astin fans, Luke Perry fans and people who love thoughtful and intelligent TV. Then we give them what they need to act-the reason and the means. The fans have instantly risen to the occasion-literally organizing in days and working non-stop to make a difference. We believe time is of the

Looking for a friend, many of the fans have directed their messages to Platinum Studios’ Chairman (and Jeremiah Executive Producer) Scott Mitchell Rosenberg because of his long history of being fan-friendly and responding personally to mail. Rosenberg is seen as “getting it”, as he also founded and created Malibu Comics (which he later sold to Marvel) and produced a popular line of comic books, including developing the Men in Black comic and signing it with Sony to become a billion-dollar film and television franchise. “I’m a geek, so I know all about passion for characters,” said Rosenberg.

“The amount of mainstream support the show has received from fans young and old, male and female, shows me that Jeremiah is clearly not just another sci-fi series. It’s a realistic “what if” series about the collapse and rebuilding of society after a devastating virus wiped out everyone over the age of puberty. It’s a show of hope, inspiration and the un-crushable human spirit.”

According to Rakshi, webmaster of, “I’ve had fans send me letters saying that they were incredulous that Rosenberg had been personally responding to them. That’s a rarity in letter writing campaigns and shows his commitment to the show.”

Actor Sean Astin agreed with Rosenberg about the viability of Jeremiah during a satellite telephone he made to Platinum Studios this morning (midnight from where he was calling from in South Africa.) “I am tickled that the fans took it upon themselves to influence the future of the show,” said Sean during the phone call. “I’m amazed at how quickly they were able to organize and synchronize their efforts. It shows they believe in what we’re doing, just like I do.” Sean continued, “I would be extremely disappointed if those remaining second season shows weren’t aired. I directed the 13th episode myself, and it’s a pivotal episode in the overall story.”

Indeed, the episode he directed goes to the genesis of a terrible threat to what should be a free world: an aggressively expanding organization led by an enigmatic figure named Daniel, with no regard for human rights, acting to take over North America by offering captured peoples the choice of servitude or death.

Astin and Rosenberg also discussed scenes for an upcoming Jeremiah comic book featuring Astin’s “Mister Smith” character, slated for national publication in early 2004. Astin is also very enthusiastic about his popular Mister Smith character being a part of Platinum’s upcoming 50 episode comic book (which will debut in February 2004 as a weekly strip on the web, then collected in print after each year’s run.) “That’s cool-I’m into being in the comic book and figuring out where my character should go. There are some interesting surprises coming”, said Astin.

“I think this will be Sean’s first time acting on a comic book page,” said Rosenberg. “Rather than specifically adapting the television episodes, the stories will be all new and bring new depth to the characters and world, as well as a planned springboard for an expansion of the world into text fiction, video games, television and features.”

Jeremiah follows the adventures of Sean Astin, Luke Perry, and Malcolm Jamal- Warner fifteen years after all of the adults were wiped out in the year 2006 by a virus called the Big Death, leaving only the world’s children to fend for themselves. In addition to Sean Astin who has joined the cast as of this season and stars as Mister Smith, Luke Perry (Beverly Hills 90210) plays Jeremiah and Malcolm-Jamal Warner (The Cosby Show) plays Kurdy. Astin plays a mysterious prophet who seems to know the future, both the good and the bad.

Executive Producers are J Michael Straczynski, Luke Perry, Ervin Rustemagic, Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, Joe Dante and Mike Finnel, co-executive produced by Grant Rosenberg and produced by George Horie. Created for television by Hugo award-winning writer/producer J. Michael Straczynski (creator of Babylon 5), Jeremiah is comic book entertainment company Platinum Studios’ comic-to-film adaptation based on the award-winning graphic novels by Hermann Huppen, published for 20 year as in over 20 languages by Strip Art Features.