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Aragorn´ promotes epilogue of the Lord of the Rings

© CNI in line. – American actor Viggo Mortensen arrived on Monday at the Distrito Federal to promote the last part of the trilogy “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of King”, of which he emphasized that the best thing is the human dimension of the story, not the special effects.

Interviewed in Mexico City airport, “Aragorn” was received by a multitude of fans who tried to obtain an autograph or a photo with him, causing a rukus.

When he was asked about his impressions about the special effects on the film “The Return of the King”, that will be released next December in US, the actor assured people that the relations between the characters is the most remarkable part of the film.

“Of course that (the special effects) they are best, but I believe what is going to last during many decades is the relationships that exist among the characters”, said the actor.

Mortensen joked that the only thing he knows from Mexico is that the soccer team of Toluca “plays very well”, after loosing badly by the USA team 6-0 last weekend.