Lord of Moria writes: I see you have a few updates regarding Trilogy Tuesday in the U.K. Unfortunately that doesnt help out us Irish very much. So here is an update as far as the UGC in Dublin is concerned

There are no concrete plans as of yet regarding Trilogy Tuesday. I work for the cinema myself and we are waiting on word from our head ofice in the U.K. before we move ahead. As it stands we have two options

(a) Run FOTR EE for a week two weeks before Dec 17th then followed by TTT EE for a week before Dec 17th and then open with ROTK


(b) run with Trilogy Tuesday.

By that stage UGC Dublin will have 17 screens so it would be brilliant if they reserved 4 or 5 screens for triolgy tuesday but i’d say that is unlikly as they think there isnt that much interest for Trilogy Tuesday in Dublin. So PLEASE all patrons of UGC Dublin on your next visit PLEASE tell the staff at the Box Office how much you want Trilogy Tuesday. Dont be afraid to tells us because we all want it as much as you do.

P.S. if you see someone wearing a suit with a UGC pin wrestle them to the ground and dont let them up until they agree to Trilgy Tuesday