Bud writes:

Halloween Party at the Sunnyvale Community, Ca.
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Wanted to send you some photos of our Halloween party held at the Sunnyvale Community Center in Sunnyvale California

Attached are some photos of the sets my wife, some friends and I made for the party which include, a flaming Mount Doom complete with lava, a Baggend with Bilbo peeking out the window, A 14 foot Orthanc Tower, A glow in the dark door of Durin and a Lothlorien

All these were made form cardboard and packaging materials and took three weekends to produce. Many photo’s were especially taken at Baggend.

I personally thought that the Door of Durin with the glow in the dark engraving was the most impressive but most turned their attention to Baggend. A group shot was also taken of those dressed in LOTR Characters.

More pictures will be put up on our web page www.swdance.com in a couple of days.

My wife Deborah was dressed up as Arwyn (in the dream sequence dress with red sleeves)and I as Aragorn with Orthanc. My wife is a die hard Tolkien Fan and eventually got me to enjoy the LOTR Trilogy.