Return of the King Bk 6, Ch VI – Many Partings

The time has come for the Hobbits to travel home to the Shire. They leave Minas Tirith in the company of the nobility of Rohan and Gondor, and their comrades of the Fellowship of the Ring. With them ride Celeborn and Galadriel with their folk, and Elrond and his sons. A great company following Theoden Thengel’s son home from the field of Gondor.

Theoden is burried with his ancestors and the greatest feast in the
History of the Golden Hall is held in Edoras, and there Eowyn of Rohan and Faramir of Gondor are trothplighted before all.

The company leaves Rohan and continues North. On the way, old and new
allies and friends part from eachother, and at Isengard they find Saruman gone. In the end the Hobbits reach Rivendell and are re-united with Bilbo.

Why do you think that Treebeard let Saruman free? How does Tolkien show how the world is changing into a new Age? What does Saruman mean by the Wise having ‘pulled down their own house’? We shall debate the many partings in this chapter, and take a closer look at that strange and wonderful place; Rivendell. Join us in #thehalloffire as we explore Chapter VI of The Return of the King; ‘Many Partings’.

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