From Entertainment Weekly: Less than two months before The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King’s Dec. 17 opening, even the most wary and sequel-burned of moviegoers assumes the third Tolkien installment will be a masterpiece. And why shouldn’t they? It was shot concurrently with the other two near-flawless installments, which were mostly faithful to the same written epic that King will be concluding. But let’s consider this heresy: What if something goes horribly awry? Don’t forget wrong turns by other fanboy-fave series in round three: What if cutesy animals or tykes rush in to save our Middle-earth heroes, like Return of the Jedi’s Ewoks or Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome’s lost children? Or Frodo shaves his head before luring Shelob into a molten-metal jacuzzi and committing suicide, ¨¤ la Alien3? And if Gandalf somehow ends up in the Old West like Back to the Future Part III, we¡¯ll tar and feather Peter Jackson. Sure, this is all unlikely, and King will probably rule, but it never hurts to lower your expectations. Nobody wants a relapse of The Matrix Reloaded heartbreak.