Dressing up in LOTR-Style tonight? Send me the images!

So, you’ve beaten the odds and got yourself invited to a costume party tonight eh? Want to show off your uber-geekness for all things Rings? Well here is a list of ideas NOT to use….because too much geek can be a bad thing.

Top 5 Worst LOTR Halloween Costumes

5. The ‘Eye’ of Sauron:

No one likes costumes where you have to guess what you are, and if you’re walking around all in black with one eye open saying things like ‘I see you…there is no life in the void…only death!!!’ will NOT attract any of the prettier boys or girls at the party. Plus having one eye closed limits your depth perception greatly. You could be dipping your chips in the punch bowl all night.

4. Peter Jackson’s Cameo in ‘The Fellowship of the Ring’:

Again, this one would need serious explaining to the non LOTR-minded among your friends. And walking around with a giant carrot burping all night may make you more enemies in the long run.

3. Peter Jackson’s Cameo in ‘The Two Towers’:

See above, plus wearing chain mail and throwing rocks on people can get you arrested, seriously…don’t do it.

2. Frodo wearing The One Ring:

Wearing your One Ring replica at a party and pretending no one can see you is almost as annoying as any mime you’ve ever met. Plus…people can STILL see you…put on some clothes!!!

The number 1 worst LOTR Halloween Costume Idea is:

1. The Tom Bombadil Deleted Scene

This combines all aspects of the other 4 costume ideas into one. You’d have to explain to almost EVERYONE there who you are…and why you’re constantly singing. Plus all the ‘tiddly-ho, tiddle-he’ will seriously get you banned from any future parties. The dancing will also ruin any sort of cool reputation you may have been working on in the past. Also, stop harassing the cute blonde girl and chasing her around calling her ‘Goldberry’. Again…worst idea possible.

Hope this helps! Happy Halloween!!

eekfrenzy adds to the list with these:

Dressed as an Orc and carrying a toy arm or leg, yelling “Meat’s back on the menu!” Not a good idea, especially if your friends are vegetarian.

Dressed in brown and green with leaves, and
t…a…l…k…i…n…g…r…e…a…l…s…l…o…w… Trust me,
Treebeard’s no conversationalist!

Dressed in charred grey robes as Gandalf while battling the Balrog

Dressed in nothing but a beard as Gandalf come back to life — unless you have the body to carry it out.

Dressing up in LOTR-Style tonight? Send me the images!