Hector writes: I was one of the thousands that bombarded you with e-mails saying “What about Canada??!! So when I saw your posting about the Canadian Trilogy Tuesday List I was needless to say VERY interested. I just wanted to add that in today’s copy of the “Metro” newspaper (a small newspaper handed out free to commuters in the Toronto area) had a small blurb and said that tickets go on sale tommorrow, October 31!!! Here’s the article…


The Lord of the Rings fans can swing into action at noon tommorrow (October 31st) when tickets go on sale for a one-day, single sitting marathon screening of the whole trilogy on Dec. 16.

A single-ticket Trilogy Tuesday package is being offered for $49.95 that will allow fans to see extended versions of the first two parts of the triolgy, followed by The Return of the King at midnight.

Details are at www.famousplayers.ca, www.cineplex.com, www.amctheatres.com and www.empiretheatres.com.

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