SG writes:

The Alice Tully Theater, where the Lincoln Center’s LOTR event is being held, only holds 1096 people. Since I know a patron who is quite a high-end subscriber to the Film Society I heard what happened.

She was told it was a “feeding frenzy” for tix to Saturday’s three film event with cast and PJ. I mean this woman supports the Society in a major financial manner and she was told she should get the tickets she requested but still, nothing is concrete. (Trust me, I am praying for a miracle).

This is quite different from Trilogy Tuesday. This is a special event hosted by the Lincoln Center Film Society, which is largely made up of paying members.

Today they sent out this notice:

All Lord of the Rings Events, January 10 & 11, are currently sold out but…

New blocks of tickets may become available in the future. If you tried to get tickets, but weren’t able to, we will notify you if and when new tickets become available.

Here’s how:

Email with the following subject line:


We’ll send back a confirmation via email that we’ve put you on the LOTR email waitlist. You’ll get first notice if and when new tickets open up, letting you know to which events, and how to purchase them.

So they are trying to work with people.

Just trying to set the record straight and stop all this nasty bitterness.