Wellingtons finest digi-bongo-acapella-rap-influenced, guitar-based bongo-funk group are back for a one-off charity performance this Saturday. On November the 1st, Flight of the Conchords will be playing at the Buffalo Grand Hall, upstairs from Bats Theatre in Wellington NZ, starting at 10pm.

Tickets will be sold for $15, and there will be door sales only.

The concert is in aid of a production currently playing in the Bats ‘Stab’ season. DnA is a story based on a Greek tragedy, but the cast and crew have had their own particular bad luck, with thousands of dollars worth of theatre equiptment stolen two weeks ago.

DnA’s director, Jacqueline Coats comments “When things like the robbery happen, it makes the world seem a bit bleak, but then you get support like we’ve had from the Conchords and everyone else, and you realise there are good people out there.” DnA will have its last performance on Saturday night before the gig.