Ranger writes: I was on the Greater Union Birch Carroll & Coyle (Australia’s biggest and oldest cinema chain) website and saw on their page for ROTK the running time listed as 210mins (3 hours and 30 mins). I filled out their online contact us form and asked them if this was the offical running time or not. I got this reply a few mins ago:

Thank you for your email.

This is the confirmed runnning time for Return of the King.
Kind regards,

Greater Union/Birch Carroll & Coyle

So there you have it! You cant email them directly, you have to fill out the online form thing. This seems pretty concrete to me!

The Greater Union site is “a 50/50 joint venture” with Roadshow Distributors according to their website. So I guess we can hardly get a better confirmation than that. Roadshow are the ones who distribute the prints to the cinemas in Australia!