A few weeks ago, after the trailer for The Return of the King appeared online, there was much discussion about who was the person that was forging Narsil. Was it Arwen? Figwit perhaps? Ringer Spy Valerya chimes in with what seems to be the final answer! SPOILERS!

My name is Valerya and I work at a mall bookstore, today when I got in to work they had in the back room 4 brand new ROTK books featuring all sorts of goodies, such as images and articles, with spoilers galore. As I was looking throught one of them called the ROTK visual companion, I noticed an article about narsil. There on the bottom of the page, were 2 different elves working on the sword. The caption says somthing to the effect of “Elven smiths reforging Narsil”. The picture is also very clear, that it is neither Arwen nor Elrond nor is it Figwit. They are just 2 elves that I dont beleive appeared in the film as of yet.


SPOILER: On another page, I noticed a picture that appears to take place either right before or right after Elrond has given the sword to Aragorn. The setting was the same, in the same tent, but the picture was of Aragorn and ARWEN. Arwen was wearing a very beautiful gown, looked like a traveling gown tho. Looks like Arwen may be making an appearence at Pellanor maybe? Sorry, no images because I was not allowed to borrow the book before they go on sale Nov 5. Thanks!