Orlando Bloom at the 'Hollywood Awards Gala'
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Greetings, Quickbeam here.

These days it seems we just can’t get Orlando Bloom out of our hair.

He follows us into restaurants. He is always hanging around the back of the bus, thinking we don’t notice him. But of course he’s at Starbucks, every morning, hiding behind an old copy of the L.A. Times acting non-chalant. That’s the price we pay being part of TORN — always in demand in Hollywood — we could wave a stick and hit 7 celebrities just begging to be on our videotape. And thus we have Mr. Bloom waiting for his chance! 🙂

All he really wants is to share the love with all you shiny, happy Ringer fans. So after months of this clandestine behavior (*giggle*), we just turned around and said, OK, fine… we’ll interview you.

Sheesh. So we met up with him at the Hollywood Film Festival’s gala awards night in the world famous Beverly Hilton Hotel. He wants to send his affection to everyone online? — Well fine! Our amazing Director of Photography, Josh “Tan Pants” was sharp, awake, and ready to tape. Asfaloth was also there, greasing the publicity wheels with the other paparazzi and stamping her hooves every so often.

The event was star-studded to the max. Rushing past us without saying a word was the Hulk himself, Eric Bana. He doesn’t care much about reaching out to his fans, eh? There goes Billy Bob Thornton. There’s Ron Howard (the man who stole the Oscar from “Fellowship” boo HISS). We barely recognized him and then *blink* he was past us. Gone inside. We were standing on the very end of the red carpet, interviewing droves of Hollywood’s great talents, pushing and wrestling for space surrounded by a cacophony of photographers and bulky microphones. Tinsel Town glamor! Flashing paparazzi! Soon we chatted up Sir Anthony Hopkins, Jennifer Tilly, director of “Almost Famous” Cameron Crowe, and Orlando’s costar from “Pirates,” Geoffrey Rush. The whole evening was a blast of energy, and none were so gracious with their time as Orlando Bloom. He immediately recognized me, shook hands and smiled, knowing it was his time to shine. Heh heh.

After many questions and delightful patter Orlando was ushered inside the ballroom by his impatient “handlers,” even though he clearly wanted to stay longer. Then we noticed that everyone else was gone. All the celebrities had long since gone inside! Orlando was the very last one… Yes, it was a measure of how generous he was with his time, letting the awards ceremony start without him and staying put for our interview. Other news correspondents were packing up their items to leave: US Magazine, Inside Edition, and respected news veteran Patrick Healy from the NBC4 affiliate station. As Orlando was leaving we heard Mr. Healy whisper to us, “I can’t believe that he’s still so nice! What a nice guy!”

Truer words were never spoken. Despite the crazy, lightning speed of his rising star, it is clear that Orlando has not been overwhelmed by the enormity of it all, not yet. He certainly walks comfortably in his own shoes. And we all love it when Hollywood people aren’t so damn “Hollywood.” Know what I mean?

Much too hasty,