London Expo 2003 Images
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My friends and I decided to go undercover on our third trip up to the LoTR table …so perhaps you’d like to see our more colourful groupshots instead of the usual poses we also had?!

Billy, Craig Parker and Jorn Benzon …Haldir’s brother Rumil 🙂 …check out his Tshirt!

Thanks as ever to the cast for their time, good humour… and patience! – we had a fantastic weekend.


I was at the London Expo this weekend with Billy “Pippin” Boyd and Craig “Haldir” Parker Saturday, and I asked them if there was any truth behind the rumors of continued filming AFTER RoTK is released…Billy Boyd said that he didn’t think so, as there was a wealth of material to draw on to complete the Extended Edition, and the only way that would happen was if Peter Jackson decided to film entirely NEW scenes.

Then he said, “With him, anything is possible.”