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Rosamunde Brownlocks

Sorry I’m late for your request for London Expo photos, but I’m still traveling and sightseeing in England, and am working on the photos in sets. Here are the best from the signings of day one of the London Expo – don’t know if you want them, you have so many good ones already! Will send more from the Q&A and day two after I get home – tomorrow is the travel day back to Chicago.

Wish you and the rest of the folks could have been at the two Cons in England – great experiences! And thank you so much for posting my earlier pics from C4.


I’ve decided to send in a report from the London Expo as I noticed nobody really gave you a detailed account of the event just yet. So here I go…

My friend Clarissa flew in from the Isle of Man and we met up on saturday evening, to have some dinner and see a movie. Little did I know that she managed to book herself into the very same hotel as Billy Boyd, Craig Parker and virtually everyone else attending the event. So as we sat in the hotel bar, drinking wine, our eyes lit up at the sight of Masters Billy and Craig walking into the very same bar for a few drinks. As you can imagine we desperately wanted to talk to them so up we got and walked over to the bar and stood ourselves next to them. We ordered more drinks but decided not to bother the guys. After all, they’ve just spent the entire day talking to fans and deserved a break.

They did notice us, however, and even remembered my friend who met them earlier that day. We received a few smiles and stayed in the bar until they left. The very next morning I arrived at the hotel to have breakfast with my friend and we managed to get a table opposite Billy and Craig. They recognized us again and smiled at us. We were trying not to stare at them and let them get on with their breakfast. They kept glancing in our direction and even turned after us when we were leaving!

We made our way to the exhibition centre which is located roughly five minutes from the hotel. There we joined the queue for Craig and Billy and patiently waited for them to arrive. The Expo was not as packet as I expected it to be. Now and then a Dalek whizzed past us, greeting us in a mechanical voice and noting that ‘If this is the queue for the Elf and the Hobbit then why are there so many Orcs?’. That made us all laugh. At roughly 11am, our heroes finally arrived and sat down at their little tables. They seemed cheerful and happy.

Our time came and we went to see Craig. We told him we saw him in the bar last nite and he replied they had only stayed for a bit ‘coz they were very tired. He asked us how long we stayed and I told him that I had missed my last train and all that. Then he asked me if I knew what time the first DLR (dockland’s light railway) left and I replied that I didn’t know but that I knew they run till 1am. He then told me to make sure I don’t miss my last train today then. We got our signatures and then asked to take a group photo. Craig sat down on the table for us and hugged us both and posed for photos, aww. He was really nice and bubbly! Oh and I’m happy to inform that he wears white underwear O.o.

Then we moved onto Billy Boyd and had much more to say to him, lol. It was clear he recognized us but didn’t say anything. I asked him if he had enjoyed his breakfast and my friend added ‘Did you have a second breakfast, too?’. ‘Yeah, I had a bowl of cereal later, actually!’ replied Billy. ‘Oh, that’s very hobbity of you!’ says I. Yes, I invented a new word: hobbity. O.o lol. Then we kindly asked him to write ‘It comes in pints!’ on our photos. He did so happily. I told him I needed a new autograph from him ‘coz the one I got last time got kinda smudged. ‘Oh I’m sorry!’ he said, as if it was his fault. ‘Oh it’s okay!’ says

I, leaving him thinking it WAS his fault. Lmao.

Then I told him I had met Dom two weeks earlier. ‘How was he?’ asked Billy. ‘He was really nice!’ said I. ‘Oh really? Was he behaving? He usually doesn’t!’ asked Billy all smug like. I assured him Dom had been nice.

They had shown the Master and Commander trailer on the plasma screen before we got to Billy and we noticed he kept peeking to look. I was like ‘You’re not in it, you know!’ He’s like ‘Really??’, saying that he’d not seen it yet. I informed him that I watched it a few times and did not get a glimpse of him and that it was evil! I can’t remember what he said but it was something like ‘Okay, that’s it!’, I think. Then we took a group photo and happily scuttered off.

There was so much room to take photos, it was incredible! Absolutely nothing like Collectormania, so much better! Everyone was allowed to have a personal experience, you could take your time with the guys, there was no ridiculous queuing system and you could even come back for a random hug. I think the people who organize the Collectormania events should visit the London Expo and take notes next time.

At some point in the afternoon it was announced they’d do a talk even though they were not supposed to ‘coz they did one the day before. We were the first ones to arrange ourselves in front of the podium and waited for them. Then they came up and it was hilarious. Craig is so funny. They kept joking about everything. Someone asked Billy what was his fav moment in ROTK and that he should talk about it in detail. He laughed and said that he can tell us absolutely nothing and Craig joked that New Line Cinema had arranged for snipers to
hide up near the ceiling and they’d get shot if they said something they should not. He then did a good imitation of being shot and threw himself onto the floor. That left everyone in stitches and Billy called him ‘The King of the Deathscene’.

Craig then got asked to explain why it was that he was reluctant to hug Aragorn upon arrival at Helm’s Deep. Craig went on to explain how Aragorn never really changed his clothes for months and that he was sweaty and all that. So it is now official that Haldir did not want to hug Aragorn because he was smelly!

Another question addressed to Craig was regarding his archery and if it was difficult to learn. Craig then revealed a grave secret, all the time hiding behind Billy. Apparently those arrows that Orlando was shooting so quickly and masterfully at Amon Hen were not real arrows. They were added later digitally. So it was all a cheat!!!! Craig was also asked why it was that all the elves at Helm’s Deep were killed off and not many of the humans. He said he thought it was coz they were all prissy and poofy and therefore had to die. Someone asked Billy the obvious question if he still keeps in touch with some of the other guys to which he replied that he had seen Orli and Dom recently. As if we all didn’t know that. Of course they
keep in touch!

I managed to ask him whether he is coming to the London premiere of ROTK and he said that yes, they are coming coz they feel that after all the world premieres they should attend the one in their home country and that last year they were suprised at how big it was and that the reception was bigger than at any of the others (which is true, really).

We also learned that Craig Parker is a big fan of the Daleks (for those who don’t know, the Daleks are evil aliens from the sci-fi tv series Doctor Who and ride around in something resembling tins). An argument ensued between Craig Parker and a Dalek, the Dalek extended and thrust its plunger-like arm out at Craig to which Craig replied “I can do that too”. The Dalek quipped, “I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours.” It soon descended into a battle of taunts flying between Craig and the Dalek, to the amusement of both Billy Boyd and the audience.

The last question was asked and the boys said their goodbyes to the fans. Many ran after them for a last hug and were rewarded with warm words. Craig wished us a safe journey home and we left the exhibition centre smiling with content. It was a great weekend and a great Expo. We are definitely going to return next year. I would hereby like to congratulate the organizers for a job well done, helpful and kind staff and a wonderful experience.

Hope this report was somewhat helpful and not too long (sorry about that) and printable. Thank you!