Anya writes: At Rob McIntosh in Pointe-Claire, Quebec they are selling LOTR goblets. My mother saw them and she said they were just beautiful. She saw one of Galadriel, one with landscape from the Shire, one of Elrond or Celeborn (she wasn’t sure which), one of Gandalf (maybe there are more, I don’t know).

These are being sold for $129 CDN. There is also a limited edition of King Elessar (there only about 150 of them) which is being sold for about $149 CDN. These are OFFCIALLY LISCENSED.

They are made from solid pewter and are inspired by the books as opposed to the films, thus liscensed by Tolkien Enterprises as opposed to New Line. You can buy big goblets which are being sold at $129 each. There is also a limited edition of King Elessar (which is decorated with a gold crown) which is being sold for $149 – and there are on 50 to be had. (I think I may have said 150 last time – my bad!!) You can also buy little liquer goblets (they actually comprise a chess set) which are being sold for $45 each.

Of the big goblets, I saw one for each of the following: Gandalf, Saruman, Orc, Smaug, Ent, Shelob, Legolas, Celeborn, Galadriel, Frodo (with a golf ring around the base), and Gollum. I also saw one that was called and “Elven Goblet”; this one featured scenes/lanscapes, including the swan ships of Alqualonde. There was another called the “Ring Goblet” which, again, featured only scenes, inlcuding a very scary looking Nazgul. All of them are sculpted from the pewter, not just “carved” – I mean, for the characters, it’s really a FACE. They have the same for the smaller ones, but I didn’t see many. The woman I spoke with said that they will be getting some in soon for the following reason.

The sculptor is Dr. Graeme J. Anthony and he will be in the store on November 9th for a signing, from 12 noon to 4 pm. (He’s actually a trained chiropractor and now lives in Australia, according to the sign).