The city of Minas Tirith holds its breath waiting for news of the war, while in the Houses of Healing Eowyn rises from her bed. The concerned Warden takes her to see the Steward of the City. Faramir is soon struck by her beauty, but he also perceives that here is one greatly troubled by grief and unrest. Eowyn for her part sees in Faramir both a gentle spirit and a great warrior and slowly hope is kindled in her heart.

An Eagle brings news of the downfall of Sauron to Minas Tirith, and soon it is once again filled with women and children as the refugees return home. The people of Gondor are ready for their new king to return to them. Before the walls of his City, Aragorn is accepted by his people and crowned by Gandalf and Frodo.

The first happy days of Aragorns reign passes and Gandalf takes the king to a hallow high up on Mount Mindolluin. There they find a sapling of the White Tree which the king plants in the court by the fountain. Summer comes to Gondor, and with it a great following of elves out of the North. On the day of Midsummer Aragorn the King Elessar finally weds Arwen, the evenstar of her people.

How is Eowyn finally healed? How does Aragorn show his greatness during his coronation and in the following first days of his reign? What does the White Tree signify? Join us in #thehalloffire as we explore Chapter V of The Return of the King; ‘The Steward and the King’.

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