Ringer Krista sends us this info:

I thought fellow Tolkien addicts might find this interesting.

Apple’s iTunes music store (newly PC friendly) has just opened an audio books section with 5,000 titles. I thought I’d check to see there were any Tolkien books, and sure enough, there were four:

The Hobbit (abridged)
The Silmarillion Vol. I (unabridged)
The Silmarillion Vol. II (unabridged)
The Silmarillion Vol. III (unabridged)

All of these books are narrated by Martin Shaw and cost $15.95 each to download. When I checked, “The Hobbit” was #5 on today’s top sellers list, and “The Silmarillion Vol. I” was at #91.

Computers running Windows XP and Windows 2000 can now access the store, which can be done by downloading iTunes 4.1 at:


To find Tolkien books once you have the iTunes music store running, click on “Power Search.” Select the genre “Audiobooks” and type in “JRR Tolkien” under “artist.” You can also search the store using other criteria.