Eriniel writes: I received the latest LOTR newsletter from Japan Herald, the distributor of LOTR trilogy in Japan, and I found a article about “Trilogy Tuesday” Tour by a travel agency called Travel Pia. (to view a translation, visit, click on “translate,” and paste in URL)

The cost of this tour is 137,000 yen ($1,251.03) for 5 days, included round-trip airline tickets, accommodations (for 3 nights), meals, pickup bus, ticket for “Trilogy Tuesday”, half-day LA sightseeing, taxes, baggage conveyance fee.

In their schedule, they’re going to see “Trilogy” in a movie theater in LA, and at least 40 persons are looked for on this tour. Also there’s another sign in red, says “limited 120 persons” in the upper part of the advertisement.

I don’t know how this agency could arrange and hold that much number of tickets. Unbelievable! I thought this “Trilogy” event is for LOTR fans, not for benefit of travel agency. Also I’m so disappointed it seems Japan Herald isn’t planning to hold “Trilogy” event in Japan by their effort and expense (or is it?), and encourages (= introducing this tour in their official newsletter) this kind of commercial activity.