From Echoing Gollum’s covetous cries of “My precious!” fans of “The Lord of the Rings” are competing with one another over the precious few tickets to New Line Cinema’s special marathon showing of the “Rings” trilogy, scheduled for Dec. 16. [More]

Speaking for the many “rabid fans” who also contacted TORn, the “angry e-mails” weren’t about not getting tickets, but about not having a *fair shot* at tickets. Misinformed theaters, changes in announced sales processes, and nearly no-limit sales (and yes, too few theaters) is what led to unhappy fans, not lack of a ticket. If it were indeed an initiative to “pay back the fans,” then there seems to be little reason to restrict not only the number of theaters, but even the number of showings. What instead happens is a large number of fans unhappy on a day everyone has long looked forward to.