John Rhys-Davies at FACTS Con in Belgium
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I was at FACTS (Ghent, Belgium) over the w/e, where I got a chance to meet John Rhys-Davies. John is truly a warm, cordial gentleman, who took ample time to chat with the fans who were queing up for an autograph. He also freely had his picture taken with most of the fans present and gratiously participated in a Q & A session organised by the Belgian Star Trek fanclub BVC (yes, John played “Leonardo Da Vinci” in Star Trek Voyager) and LOTR fan club Elanor. He even offered a bout of Treebeard on the spot and, when asked about the famous Fellowship tattoo, he pointedly answered that he sent his stuntman to get tattooed!


After meeting Elijah, Dom and Sean last week at collectormania 4 in England Milton Keynes, today we met John-Reese Davies in our home country of Belgium.

We met him at FACTS in Gent, which comes very close to what Collectormania is in the UK, but over here there were more stands, while C4 had the best actors around. But hey we had John this year and it was swell!

He is a very nice person! Funny as well. We went for his autograph and he was very friendly. I let him sign my English version of LOTR, the same one that I let Elijah sign last week, John saw his autograph and went Ohhhhh Elijah he he. I told him that we met him the week before and he was very impressed. When he gave my book back, he said: “Here you go darling”. My friend Mieke got him to sign a pic for her brother, who couldn’t join us because he is ill, and John wrote to him. “Peter – Get well soon or the Orcq’s will come and have ya! – Gimli. Now I thought that that was really cool and sweet!

He also got on stage so we could ask him some questions! I did ask him two. When he got on stage he said. Okay I know that a lot of girls would like to know if I have the phone number of Orlando Bloom, but I don’t…..But IF I did I WOULD give it to you…haha.

Hilarious! I asked him two questions. I wanted to start by asking if he had the phone number of Elijah..but I forgot héhé. I asked what his favourite quote out of LOTR was. He answered. “The elf did it”. I also asked him if he would be very disappointed if ROTK wouldn’t win an oscar this year. He said that he would. Just because these movies are great and that they have made history with these movies and that they, everybody whom has worked on them have done a great job and had a lot of work. But never know with the Academy he said. Lot’s of other questions were asked. Like if he had a tattoo like the rest of the fellowship. He said that he wouldn’t come near a drunken maouri whit a dirty needle héhé, just because some drunken wee Hobbits decided that they all should have a tattoo, so he sent his sunt double like every good actor does.

So now his stunt double is running around with a tattoo on his lower part of the atonomy. Somebody also asked about him hanging around with the elf..if it was similar in real life. He said that he hasn’t seen Orli since the last premiere. He also performed some threebeard for us. Somebody asked what his favourite character was and he said the wee little hobbitses. Various questions were asked, but those are the ones I can remember really. There were also a lot of people dressed up like characters from LOTR. I was wearing The One Ring and at some point a Ringwrite started chasing me for it. Really cool; he looked really alike, so it was kinda scary…He did the right posses and everything, he even had the right sword!