Finally, the first official trailer for The Return of the King arrived on September 27th. Most ringers seem to agree that it is simply the best trailer even shown in a theater, and it’s quite hard to disagree with them. First glimpse of Shelob, Minas Tirith under siege, the rohirrim massing before the charge on the Pelennor. Let’s make the wait for this Christmas a bit more bearable by having a closer look at the trailer in #thehalloffire this weekend.

First and foremost; does the trailer meet with your expectations of The Return of the King? What kind of ‘feel’ do you think this last instalment of the trilogy has compared to the two prior movies?

Minas Tirith, Cirith Ungol, the Pelennor, Minas Morgul, Frodo with the phial of Galadriel, Aragorn on the paths of the dead; are these places and situations how you imagined them to be?

We will of course also discuss that famous first glimpse of Shelob, and debate more detailed matters like whos voiceover we are hearing, and what Aragorn and Legolas are talking about in Edoras. Join us in #thehalloffire as we take a look at the trailer that has brought ringers all around the world to a frenzy.

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