Rev. Rachel Wangen-Hoch writes:

I am attending the Generations United Conference at which Sean Astin will be the keynote speaker on Saturday, Oct. 18 during the closing session from 3:30 – 5:00 pm.

I have received permission from the organizers to bring youth under the age of 18 for free, as well as a limited number of chaperones (the chaperone spaces are already filled). Folks who want to come must contact me at no later that Friday morning of this week. I need their full name and age so they can be put on a guest list. We will be meeting at the Old Town Alexandria Metro Station at 2:30 pm to gather and get good seats. We will meet back there again at 6:30 pm for the youth go be picked up. This will allow us some time to get a bite to eat following the plenary session and share reflections on the Sean’s talk.

Any youth who arrive late for the meeting time will not be able to attend. All youth who attend need to understand and agree that this event is a professional conference, not a fan event. Therefore, anyone who comes with me needs to dress in a casual professional manner and conduct themselves appropriately. This is not the opportunity to get autographs or wear costumes, as fun as those events are. I want the conference organizers to feel happy that they allowed me this privilege and to be glad they allowed fans to attend.

Every youth who attends needs to arrange his or her own transportation and to bring a permission note with contact information from their parents or guardians. Sean is a very inspirational speaker and a dynamic human being. You won’t regret coming.

For adults who wish to attend, the conference organizers ask that you sign up for their Saturday day rate and attend the conference that day (this is their way of ensuring that this is a professional conference rather than a fan event). They like the idea of fans coming if it inspires them to work with youth and do good in the community.

The day rate is $150.

You must register immediately by going to and downloading the registration form and sending it in.

Again, if you are a youth under 18 in the Washington DC area and wish to attend this event, contact me immediately. I will be happy to speak with or meet with parents to discuss the event. I have extensive experience chaperoning youth trips and am looking forward to helping youth in the DC area to have the opportunity to meet Sean.


Rev. Rachel Wangen-Hoch
St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church