TORnados, we, like you, are in a tizzy planning and deciding what to do for Trilogy Tuesday. Can I get work/school/life off? Can I stay awake for ROTK after eight hours of Extended Edition goodness? Will I see the shows in the weeks prior of their limited release? When will they announce the rumoured Canada and Europe showings?

So, we are franticly collecting information from TORnados and theaters all over the place and will compile much of that information for you ASAP. However, there are some tasty tidbits to tide you over.

The official city and theater listing. (USA Only)

One you have found a city (or not) near you, you can see if there is an established TORn Line Party right here!

Just search through our world-wide database, find your city and click on the line. WARNING: We are cleaning this whole section up and there are a few dead lines here. If the line in your city hasn’t been updated since it announced the “Fellowship Of The Ring,” chances are it is dead. There is a possibility of technical difficulties as well with some lines and some surprising theater choice by New Line have left some lines scrambling to make new contacts and plans. We suggest poking around a bit in all of your city’s lines.

Further, if you determine there isn’t already a line, read this document and start one.

Good luck! And, we will be updating with info here at TORn.