Gilgalad70 writes:

The Hobbits have arrived safe and well! The TTT showing tonight had Brent McIntyre (witchking in FOTR), Lawrence Makoare, Sala Baker and Dominic Monaghan.

Most of the questions were for Lawrence, and Dom. Sala didn’t say much at all, and Brent said even less. Topics ranged from ‘when did you know how big this actually was (Dom said the London Premiere, Lawrence said the NZ Premiere, he was scared to go down the red carpet due to the crowds.)

I’m hearing reports that Andy wasn’t at the FOTR screening. Reasons unknown. They ‘just’ had Elijah and Sean. Poor loves. Apparently Lawrence and Dom tend to suffer backlog when they reply to fanmail. Lawrence suggested that it might be an idea to include an IRC (International Reply Coupon)or a stamped addressed envelope if you want a fast reply. Lawrence and Dom both admitted to reading the boards on here and showmastersonline. Apparently Dom and Elijah loved a theory that they were both lovers and were under instruction from Newline not to ‘come out’ til after the ROTK got released. Dom joked that they’d both prance down the red carpet hand in hand at the Embassy.

One fan asked Dom to show us the tatoo. He refused saying it was supposed to be a private thing and appatrently the guys who got them had a pact not to make a big deal about it. Hmmmmm….

Another question asked if anyone had met a big name because of their link with the movie. Lawrence said about how Pierce Brosnan had told him how he loved LOTR and was looking forward to TTT. Apparently Pierce was unaware of Lawrence’s LOTR connections when they started filming DAD. Lawrence told him over a game of backgammon. Dom told how at the recent NYC trip from which they’d just been to, he had been playing Charades with Robin Williams and Ed Norton. He commented how nice it was to be thought of by those guys as equals, and that they knew his work as well as him knowing theirs of course.

At the show, Lawrence and Sala were at their own booth, with the ticketing system we’ll know and love tommorrow. Queues were never too long, for those two at least. I’m told that at one stage Kristanna Loken had a 3 hour wait. Her virtual queue tickets stopped at 500 by around 4-4.30pm.

Finally, a guy from Showmasters thanked us for supporting the show and the screenings. Apparently they read the boards and are in ‘conversations’ with most of the names those on showmasters and TORN ‘suggest’ should show up. Dom suggested we should all ‘type away on our keyboards’ to encourage Newline to expand the proposed theatrical release of the Extended editions from the US. He said that a release in the UK at least should be possible.

Bring on the Hobbit Army! LOL!