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Sala Baker & Lawrence Makoare
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Trueogre writes: Not much to report on because I couldn’t make the Sunday helping of LotR. Anyways Sala and Lawrence were hidden away around the corner from everyone else. Tomorrow Elijah and Sean will be situated near Michael Keating from Blakes 7. Boy is he going to see a queue, unfortunetly they won’t be queuing for him. They will be signing on the opposite side of the corridor to Sala, Lawrence, Dom and Andy.

The main people who were sought after at the fair on Saturday were Anthony Stewart Head (Giles) of Buffy fame,

Kristanna Loken from T3, she had a bodyguard standing behind her always, and Peter Weller from Robocop. If you didn’t get tickets at the start, you certainly weren’t going to get them after.

Since Sala wasn’t getting many people for his autograph, he ended up wandering the fair walking among the crowds without any problems. He’d walk around and say hello to the people he met at the previous fairs who helped out then. Then he would enter the other booths and sit with the other stars and mingle.

Collectomania 4 in my opinon was worse than C3. The helpers next to the stars wouldn’t take pictures for you and you had to ask members of the public standing behind you to take the pictures. There were a few helpers that did help, but they were few and far between.

The virtual queing system was a joke as well. I had a ticket to see Anthony Stewart Head that was ticket number 94. When I went to check on the numbers board they were at 150. So I went to the helper at the queue and flashed him my number. He said there was a queue and I had to wait in line at the back. So therefore people who had numbers 140 were allowed in and I wasn’t. A guy in front of me even had a ticket at number 19 and had to queue at the back. It wasn’t until someone who actually organised C4 came along and told the helper to let in people with tickets below the 150 mark immediately.

This event should have been organised much as it was for C3. There were lots of Lotr toys going for knock down prices and if you shopped around you could find fantastic bargains to be had.