Haddy and friends write in with another report from Collectormania 4, and some nice pictures of Elijah and Dom.

Dominic Monaghan at Collectormania 4 Elijah Wood at Collectormania 4

Me and my friends arrived at Milton Keynes at about 4am Sunday morning and sat in the freezing cold until we were eventually let in at about 9am. The queue for Elijah was already extremely long and so we joined it immediately to get our tickets. We were approx. 100th to be seen so we went to pick up tickets to see Dominic and Sean.

The centre was buzzing by 10am and it was already clear that people were going to be disappointed – only 1000 tickets were to be handed out for each guest and they had almost gone already.

We didn’t see Elijah for a couple of hours but when we did it was worth the wait 🙂

We weren’t encouraged to take pictures WITH him due to the lack of time to see all guests but I managed to spend enough time with him to make me overly-excited and, as my friend ended up in the same giggly predicament she also knocked Elijah’s coke all over his desk……not a good first impression!

Dom was just as nice, it didnt take long for our tickets to be called out and we were getting our pictures and autographs before we knew it. He was really nice and friendly as was Sean Astin, who we were allowed to spend a little more time with.

The whole day was amazing, the guests nicer beyond all hope and plenty of memorabilia to keep us little hobbits busy for hours!

Haddy xx
(plus Abi, Rachael, Rosie, Gabby, Tasha, and Sophie)

* * *

Calogero writes: I was at the event on Friday, I went specifically to see Lawrence Makoare, Brent Mcintyre, and Sala Baker (for the second time, I met him at the last one).

While I was there I was disappointed to see again that Sala Baker had no queue, he didn’t last time either, which is strange as he is Sauron. But Lawrence Makoare had a big queue most of the time, and Lawrence was such a nice guy, he was so friendly, as was Sala Baker again, and Brent Mcintyre was really cool, but seemed a little shy.

I also waited for one and a half hours to see Kristanna Loken, but it was worth the wait. She was so great, and seemed pleased to meet the fans.

I also went to meet Neil and Adrian Rayment, and I also met Robert Davi. I just got back from the screening of The Two Towers, and on sunday I am seeing Fellowship Of The Ring, and then going back on Monday to meet Elijah Wood, Andy Serkis, Sean Astin and Dominic Monaghan.