Jeremy writes: I was feeling bored and annoyed with all of the comments about Shelobs size. So I decided to do a ROUGH composite of her size according to the trailer.

By using two images from the trailer, a pic I found on the net of a spider (ehhhh, I swear I felt a dozen spiders crawling up my leg when I was creating this image) and a picture of a Frodo action figure, I put together this image.

I took the pic in the trailer, of when we first see Frodo being chased and the pic of when we see Shelob. By resizing the Frodo image’s cavern perportions too the Shelob cavern preportions, I got a size ratio between Frodo and Shelobs head.

This is a very rough relationship, and Shelobs body shape is probably very different to this spider, but at least it isn’t as small as some people think, and how it looks on the trailer.

Man, December 17th couldn’t come any slower!