In the Return of the King theatrical trailer, we witness scenes where Anduril is being reforged. It’s obvious that there are at least two people involved – one elf wielding a hammer, and another holding the sword and later quenching it in liquid.

If you haven’t noticed, you can see this by checking out out spoiler-filled frame-by-frame trailer analysis. Head to the third-last frame on Page 04 and the very first frame on Page 05.

It becomes even more apparent when you put them side by side for comparison.

The Reforgers of Narsil

But who are they? Some are saying Arwen, others Figwit … others are hoping for the Sons of Elrond.

Sadly, The sons of Elrond (Elladan and Ellrohir) were identical twins. Those two figures are very different.

We suspect that Figwit (played by Kiwi actor Bret McKenzie) may have done some pickups for RoTK – his name was on a RoTK Topps collector card. Perhaps he could be one of our smiths? But I don’t believe that “Figwit” is the figure on the left – the face is too lined, the ears not prominent enough. Check out some snaps Figwit pictures here for comparison.

The figure on the right – the one who quenches sword in the vat of liquid is also a puzzle. It could be either Figwit or Arwen – there are patches of resemblance to each. To summarise:

Arwen has dark hair; the lips and the nose match particularly well. The general facially resemblance is not too bad – you’ll note that that elven smith has tucked down its chin. This could account for some of the squarishness of the face (as could water distortion). The ears are dimunitive as well. Set against this though, the eyebrows are too strong and the length of the hair is dubious. It seems to me that it could be too short.

Figwit is less easy to establish – there’s not many “decent” pics of Figwit. The hair looks right, and the eyebrows are okay. But the nose is not chiselled enough and the cheekbones are too high. Additionally the ears are too big and they sit too low near the jawline.

I don’t think it’s possible to say conclusively that it is either of them, but I’m not totally convinced it is not.