Wellingtonians will have a chance to bid for rare drawings donated by Lord of the Rings animators in Pablos Annual Art Auction next month.

The three Rings drawings depict Treebeard, the tree-like Ent featured in the second film of the trilogy, with one also containing sketches of Gimli the Dwarf and director Peter Jackson himself. These drawings have been carefully stored in the studio for a year, held back from last year’s auction due to the secrecy surrounding Treebeard’s physical appearance.

Pablos Art Studio provides creative opportunities and development for people who have experienced a mental illness. All money raised through the auction is put towards maintaining a free service where art is used to develop awareness of a person’s ability and worth in the broader community.

The auction will feature around 100 art works in total, a combination of donated pieces by prominent New Zealand artists, and pieces created in the studio by Pablos own artists. Last year’s auction raised $34,500, helping to support over 100 artists during the year.

Pablos Annual Art Auction takes place on October 16 in Shed 11, Customhouse Quay with tickets going on sale this week at ROAR! gallery. For further information or bookings phone (04) 382 8885.