The Baggins Birthday - DISTRICT OF DARK WHISPERS Report
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Kyra-LoTRchild from: THE DISTRICT OF DARK WHISPERS writes: I thought you might be interested in the District of Dark Whispers Baggins Birthday report. One of the reasons the party went over so well was because you posted the notice about it on TORN……..we had a lot of newbie Rings show up, so thanks so much!

THE DISTRICT OF DARK WHISPERS 2ND ANNUAL BAGGINS BIRTHDAY PARTY – September 21st – Bilbo Baggins Cafe in Alexandria Virginia

30 people showed up for the largest DoDW gathering yet! The party lasted three hours at the Green Dragon-like pub/cafe, Bilbo Baggins Global Cafe in the lovely Old Town Alexandria (recently hit by tropical storm Isabel). The cafe gave us the ENTIRE downstairs area for the party and two fantastic (and very patient) waiters.

We began the party by doing introductions all round, since about half the people that came to this gathering were newbies. Then, in order to kind of break the ice, we got everyone to sing a round of the Tookish pub song (Hey Ho to the bottle I go…..). I swear, we should become the ‘Shire Choir’ (to quote DoDWer Rachel).

Then after everyone had settled, we raised our glasses (pints!) to ‘The Baggins.’ Following that we pulled four names to compeat in a game of LoTR PASSWORD. Rachel and Neil won the first two rounds (recieving TTT draft packs as prizes)……..but everyone agreed to go on to a third just for fun. After that we went ahead and did our Secret Hobbit gift exchange………..this year having some very interesting Hobbit gifts. Some people brought baskets of Hobbit favorites like potatos, carrots, green beans and other veggie delights…….then others brought LoTR items like LoTR TCG starter packs, gollum action figures, ancient scrolls, etc. EVERYONE ended up with great stuff! It was great. Then we ended the party with one last round of the Tookish pub song.

It was great fun……….looking forward to next year’s party!