We want to acknowledge the excitement of the MANY of you who have written in to tell us the details of your viewing the ‘Return of the King’ trailer this weekend. It’s been an amazing 24+ hours to be a LOTR fan, made even more amazing by the sheer giddiness of each of you. So, first of all, we thank Peter Jackson, the actors, all the great folks at WETA, New Line Cinema, and all the crew, for the job they have done and for whetting our appetites for the most anticipated December ever! We also want to thank each of you for being part of the (very very happy) TORn family!

Read on for a selection of some of the great comments (and speculation) sent to TORn in the last day and half!

Deagol’s Bane: Hi! I just saw the ROTK trailer, and I just have to saw WOW!!! But one point of speculation, are we sure that the spider we see chasing after Frodo is really Shelob? It seems to me, from Tolkien’s description of her in the book, that Shelob was MUCH bigger than what we saw in the trailer – like 5-10 times bigger. I was thinking about it, and I was wondering if what we saw was perhaps one of Shelob’s spawn? A giant spider somewhat like what Bilbo might have encountered in Mirkwood. It wouldn’t be inconcievable that there would be some of her children running around in the caves, would it? Kind of like in Aliens, with all the drone aliens running around the hive, and the Queen sitting in the middle of it all when Ripley stumbles into her lair. This is all speculation, of course, but it also wouldn’t be beyond PJ to titillate us with a bit of spider action, but fool us all with it and save the BIG surprise for the film itself. Anyone else have any thoughts about this?

Cerys: I just watched the trailer! Through my profuse weeping, I noticed that Eomer is holding Eowyn, not Theoden (as many people have been speculating). Yes, I am speculating too, but I think I have a logical reasoning for my assessment. How did I come to this conclusion? I began to wonder about whose fall on the field of battle would cause so much anguish to Eomer? His sister of course. Naturally, he would be upset about Theoden’s death, but would have been prepared that it may occur. I would think his response would be grievous but not the complete loss of composure (for lack of a better term) that is seen in the trailer. It would be upsetting, but not unexpected. But for Eomer, Eowyn was never supposed to be in battle. Not only is he dealing with the shock of seeing her on the battlefield, but with the lack of necessity in her possible death and the grief and fear of losing his beloved sister. … Thanks so much for the trailer. I was eager before, but now I am not sure how I can withstand the next two and a half months!! I am crazy with waiting.

Dennis of Denmark: Hi! don’t know if this is new or not… but I’m living in Denmark and was in a small local theater to one of the last showings of Tears of the Sun… and I was totally shocked to see the full ROTK trailer, in all its glory, so early over here… WOW!! it gave me gosebumps… shivers down my spine… there was so much in every single frame…to see Gandalf race along fields of Pelennor and his staff glowing up as he faces the Witch King… Shelob is in… only for a brief second though… but enough to have you craving for more of that disgusting spider… This movie will kick you so hard.. you never knew what hit you… Definitely gonna be some tear-provoking stuff in there….

Susan: Being the hard core fan I am (and many readers are), I paid $5.50 to see the very first showing of the ROTK trailer on the first matinee of Secondhand Lions, but did not stay for the movie as I had no real interest in it. But the preview was worth every penny!! Im VERY curious to see how many people did the same as me, and how many stayed for the movie, or snuck into a diff movie after the trailer, or waited for the online trailer, or dont want any spoilers so are avoiding it etc….could you do a poll? Thanx! PS: It’s very notable that this trailer was actually ADVERTISED in the newspaper, has that ever happened for a movie preview before????

Mungo Foxburr of Loamsdown: The ROTK trailer is soooooo cooool!!!! I decided I’d like to have the soundtrack from it, so I recorded it — It’s just as cool as the trailer, especially the part with the speech, “I see in your eyes the same fear that…” “…Ba da dum ba da dum da dum, dum duuuum da da ba ba bum… Hmmmm… But we can give Frodo a fighting chance… Da da dum ba ba bum ba bam bum da dum… (Sam part) NOOOOOOOO!”

Aragorn’s Girl: I don’t think I have to say haw fabulous the trailer was, I’m sure you all know! I just wanted you guys know that there were people in costume at the movie, it was fantastic! I went and talked to them to tell them I thought it was great they dressed up just for the trailer. A lot of poeple in the theater started cheering after the trailer, and someone even shouted “We can go home now!” But I don’t think anyone left. It was a really fun trailer experience!

Danbo Brandybuck: Hello. I’m sure somebody has probably pointed this out already, but the music in the latter part of the ROTK trailer is kind of a stylized, beefed up version of the Gondor theme; first heard in FOTR when Boromir gets up at the council and says, “Long has my father, the Steward of Gondor, kept the forces of Mordor at bay…” The theme will also be further heard in the TTT Extended Edition. Cheers!

Nob of Barliman’s: Chances are you’ve seen the trailer! Well. I cleaned this up — fixed the color and whatnot — and to my shock Aragorn is CLEAN!!! I thinks it’s worth a look at — maybe a post with the quote “‘We cannot gain victory through strenght of arms.’ ‘But we can give Frodo a chance.’ ” … Clean Aragorn look weird, lol

Martin: I read in one of the spy reports that ‘MovieImp’ tells about the reforging of Narsil, and how Elrond brings it to Aragorn. When he (or she?) talks about the forging the report says: “You can’t really tell who is reforging the sword it went by very fast.” When the sword is cooled, you can see a reflection of an elf in the water. I do not think it is Elrond… because of the -lack of- eyebrows… 🙂

Scott: I’m a projectionist and work for UCI Cinemas here in the UK. I iust wanted to let UK Ringers know that each UCI site has 3 ROTK trailers in stock (and it kicks much ass). I cannot emphasise how amazing this trailer is, some of the imagery is just beautiful…Everyone just has to get to their local cinema this week and see it on the big screen!

Nick: I just wanted to comment on something. There are some reports that are questioning who it is that is reforging Narsil, etc. It seems clear to me that Arwen’s reflection is in the cooling bath, in case they hadn’t noticed, so she must have a lot to do with it, as does Elrond.

Tim: There has been a little speculation on who Eomer is holding in the trailer. if you look very closely I think you would agree that it is Eowyn and not Theoden (which would fit better with the book as Theoden’s death was not so much grieved as honored while Eomer was stricken with finding his sister dead on the fields).

Dan: There will not be a dry eye in the theater after the Return of the King. If it does not win an Oscar, Hollywood needs to fall into the sea. Awesome trailer!!

Cadiliniel of Gondor: After reading reports this afternoon that the trailer was showing befor Underworld, I swiftly told my dad that we were going to the cinema tonight! He phoned the cinema to ask if they were showing the trailer and they said no, not until next week. Well, I’m glad I’m the suspicious type because boy did they lie! Here’s what I can remember, in no particular order (I took paper too write things down, but forgot most of it….it was that good!) 🙂 (description of trailer)

DiveTwin: I have just come back from seeing the ROTK trailer. Since everyone has already dissected this, I would just like to add these comments. It is astounding. I plan to pay another $6 to see it again today. I’m beginning to suspect that ElijahWood may have UNDERSOLD it by saying “it’s better than FOTR and TTT combined” I guess we’ll find out in December – but from what I just saw, the TRAILER could be a candidate for Best Picture by itself! Is that enough hype for you???? Man, am I jacked!!!!!

Movie Imp: I work at a theatre and we loaded up the trailer really quick for a once thru last night. This is what I remember: (description of trailer) The music is different but the same feeling and it was stunning. It was very familiar yet different just like what they did with TTT. It has some same basic themes but seemed more on the dramatic rather than urgent side. It goes by really really fast but it is simply wonderful.

Losille: I work in a theater and I saw the ROTK trailer when it was attached to Secondhand Lions. It is spectacular!!!!! You must see it in the theater! The sound is fantastic and I can’t even describe the visuals! Seeing it on TV will not do it justice! It shows little snippets of the movie without giving anything away. PJ did a great job editing this. Be prepared to be excited!

Feasul: I just wanted to point out that in the shot of Frodo climbing up the cliff with Minas Morgul in the back, you can actually see the army of
the Witch King coming out of it. You see troops moving below, coming out of, I guess, the same gate that we saw in FOTR. I’m delighted that this scene is actually in the film because I loved it so much in the book and I think it is a very iconic scene from the trilogy. Not to mention that it is also a relief to see that Minas Morgul IS in the films, when it wasn’t even on Faramir’s map!

Elvengirl14: “I just about hyperventilated when I saw that they were going to show a clip on E news live tonight (I hadn’t checked the news for a couple of days here so I was very surprised.) Obsessing and glad for the company!