JD sends along some great news from NZ, 3foot6’s Chris and Dan Hennah, they were part of an annual arts festival in Nelson. Take a look at the interesting swag of news he picked up!

Hello peoples, I have some news that doesn’t have anything to do with the trailer, but is quite spoilerific. Please note that I haven’t made any of this up, it is entirely true.

I live in Nelson, New Zealand, and part of our annual arts festival, Dan Hennah (Art director for LOTR), was having a question and answer session.

I went along, and himself and his wife (really nice people), had brought a few props and photos with them.

They brought a One Ring (I got to try it on!), and other items. Most I had seen, but among them was a diamond vase thing. I asked Dan what it was, and he took it and took of the top. As he pulled the top off, I saw that a inky rats tale with spikes was hanging off the lid.

He told me that it was Wormtounge’s poison jar, I asked when does he use that, and he said that he uses it to kill Theodred. I was surprised because I thought that that was really clever. It would make his character more evil. He went on to say that it wasn’t in the books, and I asked him if it would appear in the EE of the TT. He said most defiantly.

I then looked around, and on the wall was two pictures of the encampment seen in the DVD trailer and on previous posts. I asked if that is from the third film (obviously fishing for info), and Chris Hennah said yes, it was at Dunharrow.

It had an inside shot of the the Kings tent (Theoden), with skins and shields, and kingly stuff.

Another picture showed Arwyn looking very sick in a bed with Elrond at her side, re-enforcing the whole, sick of grieve theory.

In the actual question and Answer part of the afternoon, I asked Dan, what his favourite part in the trilogy was and he said he couldn’t give too much away, but he said when Farimir storms the Orcs out of Osgiliath onto the Pellenor Fields. He said it is quite an important part of the story. I can’t remember if it happened in the book.

Any way, it was an enjoyable morning, and he said that filming will finish in the next week. At the moment they are filming background battle shots and Mumukil etc.

So I hope I have some new news in there, oh and that Wormtounge vase thing, was really foul. I think my friend summed it up by saying “They really do a good job at making things look evil don’t they!”