Sambrook writes: Been reading the site for a while – congratulations first of all for putting together such an excellent online resource!

Right, ass-kissing aside… I work for UGC Cinemas in the UK and our site received an email yesterday about screenings of the theatrical editions of Fellowship and Two Towers – FOTR will be shown in some UGC’s on Wednesday 3rd December, TTT on Wednesday 10th – and we all know what happens a week later.

All well and good, but the email then went on to mention that some key UGC cinemas were not due to get these screenings. Why? Because “Entertainment are considering releasing 10 prints of the four-hour extended editions of FOTR and TTT” – the key sites not getting the theatrical editions would then get the extended editions.

However, the email did not list dates, nor did it say whether 10 prints means ’10 prints in the entire country’ or ’10 prints for UGC’. If there are only 10 prints being released in the UK that would mean an extremely limited release for the Extended Editions.

So there you have it – not the most conclusive of news but at least it confirms that Entertainment are considering relasing the Extended Editions, albiet on a limited scale. So fingers crossed…

Hope this is of some use! At least we finally know the UK isn’t being ignored.