Cool weather brings cooler Green Books!

  • Check out Turgon’s TWO great new articles, a terrific and insightful Q&A with Douglas A. Anderson of Annotated Hobbit fame and a review of a book with some good things to say about Tolkien: The Concise Encyclopedia of Modern World Literature.
  • Anwyn had the pleasure of a Q&A with the delightful Bill Amend of “FoxTrot” fame!
  • Seven new Q&A including: Why didn’t the Ring keep Sam safe? Is Elf marriage a forever thing? What’s so special about the Arkenstone?
  • Two spiffy new Special Guest articles, one a touching tribute to The Lord of the Rings from a survivor of Hodgkin’s disease and the other the latest in our Science of Middle-earth series!
  • New fan Moon Letters!
  • Terrific new Tookish’s Ticklers!